• BKI is planning to organise an All India Level Championship in Goa in the second week of May 2019. Hence all BKI members keep yourself free in the month of May for a vacation cum tournament in Goa. Details will be given later.
    The 37th Budokan Karate-Do India Nationals will be held on 8th, 9th &10th November 2019 at Mangalore.

Membership Details
Any one who is interested to learn karate-do can become a member of the Karate Budokan International. He/she has to abide by the rules and regulations of K.B.I. which are framed by the Grand Master Mr. Chew Choo Soot. He/She has also to subscribe to the aims and objects of this organization.


Grand Master Chew Choo Soot

Budokan (武道館 Budōkan) was founded on July 17, 1966 by Chew Choo Soot in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia.

Mr. Chew Choo Soot having undergone training for decades in various disciplines of martial arts as well as the oriental weapons of china and wanted to incorporate all those techniques in an unique karate style.This style attracted members from all over the world and Mr. Chew travelled continuously around the world to impart training to those who wanted to embrace this new style of Karate. Later in 1978 the new International body which he formed "Karate Budokan International" became famous in India as ALL INDIA BUDOKAN KARATE FEDERATION under the leadership of Mr. C. Hanumantha Rao to look after the affairs of Budokan Karate in India.

Mr. C. H. Rao has been managing the Chew Choo Soot legacy of Budokan in India by conducting regular trainings, grading tests, Referee seminars, Championships.

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