Grading Test

Fees Pattern of BKI

1. Kyu Grade up to Brown-I : All the Authorized Examiners who have a valid Authorised Instructor's Card as well as valid Examiner's card, are authorized to conduct Grading Tests of their students up to the rank of 1st Kyu as per the Syllabus and Rules and Regulations of the B.K.I

2. Grading Test up to Black Belt Shodan : Only the Senior Authorised Examiners, who are specially appointed by the All India Budokan Karate Federation,  are permitted to conduct Grading Tests up to Black Belt Shodan. The names of such Senior Authorised Examiners are published from  time to time in this website. 

3. Grading Test up to Nidan : Only those Senior Authorised Examiners holding a rank of Black Belt Godan, and having a special permission from BKI are authorized to conduct Black Belt Shodan or Black Belt Nidan besides Kyu Grade Examinations. The names of such Special  Authorised Examiners are published from  time to time in this website. 

4. Higher Dan : The President of AIBKF or the Chairman of the Technical Committee shall be present with any of the Senior Authorised Examiners while grading for Black Belt Sandan and higher grades is being conducted.



Dan Grade Age in years Total Years of practice
Shodan 1st Dan 16 4
Nidan 2nd Dan 18 6
Sandan 3rd Dan 21 9
Yondan 4th Dan 25 13
Godan 5th Dan 30 18
Rokkudan 6th Dan 36 24
Nanadan 7th Dan 43 31
Hachidan 8th Dan 52 40
Kudan 9th Dan 63 51
Judan 10th Dan 74 62

All the Instructors are requested to recommend for the correct age groups for the above said Dans. Don’t hurry for getting Dans.

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