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Head Quarters Training Centre for all Budokan Members of India and abroad: Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Pandeshwar, Mangalore - 575 001, Karnataka State, India

When the Grand Master was alive he used to give higher training at Malaysian Headquarters. After his sad demise, the training is being given now at the All India Budokan Karate Federation headquarters in Hyderabad. Those who wish to seek higher training are advised to write to the President or the Secretary-General of Karate Budokan International.

 These office bearers themselves will give the training or they depute some senior instructors at some centre near the trainee's place. The trainee must be a K.B.I. Life Member. He/She has also to produce the Authorized Instructors card and the Examiners card and the details about his/her status in karate-do. This enables the authorities to judge the level of his/her standard and to train him/her accordingly.

Nominal training fees will be charged from the Members at the headquarters. In case the members want to have training at their place, boarding and lodging and transport charges of the trainer has to be borne by the Instructor of the centre besides the training fees. All India Budokan Karate Federation organizes advance-training camps in different parts of the country and abroad. Those who wish to seek training can be benefited by such camps. The dates and the places are published in the Budokan Update from time to time.

Please Pay the fee in All India Budokan Karate Federation.
State Bank of India: Yella Reddy Guda Branch. Hyderabad.
Account No: 30343338457

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