Fee Structure

Fees Pattern of KBI

Details about the grading fees, share among the Dojo Instructors and Examiners, fees for Main and Branch Dojo affiliation, Authorised Instructor, Authorised Examiner, Life Membership,  from 10th  Kyu (White Belt) to Nanadan Black Belt (7th Dan) are given below for the use of BKI Members With effect from 1st April 2013.

Fees for India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka

From Kyu/Dan To Kyu/Dan Belt Indian Rs
White Belt  9th Kyu Yellow Belt 200.00
9th Kyu  8th Kyu Orange Belt 200.00
8th Kyu  7th Kyu Green Belt 200.00
7th Kyu  6th Kyu Blue Belt 200.00
6th Kyu  5th Kyu Purple Belt 200.00
5th Kyu  4th Kyu Brown Belt 200.00
4th Kyu  3rd Kyu Brown Belt 200.00
3rd Kyu  2nd Kyu Brown Belt 200.00
2nd Kyu   1st Kyu Brown Belt 200.00
1st Kyu  Shodan Black Belt 2000.00
Shodan  Nidan Black Belt 3000.00
Nidan  Sandan Black Belt 4000.00
Sandan  Yondan Black Belt 5000.00
Yondan  Godan Black Belt 8000.00
Godan  Rokudan Black Belt 10000.00
Rokudan Nanadan Black Belt 15000.00
Re-Test : Re-Test Fees for any of the above rank shall be 25% of the above prescribed grading fees.

DUPLICATE CERTIFICATRE: Fees for issuing Duplicate Certificate , in case of lost or damaged of the certificate of any rank shall be 15% of the above prescribed grading fees.



Total Fees  Share of Dojo Instructor Share of Senior Examiner Share of Examiner From KBI Amount to be sent to AIBKF for Grading
200.00 150.00 --- --- 50.00
2000.00 500.00 500.00 ---- 1000.00
3000.00 750.00 750.00 ----- 1500.00
4000.00 750.00 750.00 500.00 2000.00
5000.00 750.00 750.00 1000.00 2500.00
8000.00 ----- 2000.00 2000.00 4000.00
10000.00 ----- 2500.00 2500.00 5000.00
15000.00 ------ 3500.00 3500.00 8000.00



  1) Affiliation Fee for 3 years (main Dojo) (New)                              Rs. 2000-00

 2) Affiliation Fee for 3 years (Each Branch) (New)                          Rs. 1000-00

 3) Renewal of affiliation Fee for 3 years(Main & Branch Dojo)     Rs  2000-00

 4) Authorised Instructor Card for 3 Years     (New)                         Rs. 1000-00

 5) Renewal of Authorised Instructor Card for 3 years                    Rs 1000-00

  6) Authorised Examiner Card for 3 Years      (New)                         Rs. 1000-00

 7) Renewal of Examiner Card for 3 years                                          Rs 1000-00

 8) Life Membership Card for Life                                                          Rs. 300-00


The amount should be sent only by online transaction to the account of BUDOKAN KARATE-DO INDIA at Bangalore, the details of which are given below. Full amount as shown in the table should be sent to BKI.

Please add Rs 100/- extra towards bank charges and send Xerox copy of the payment receipt along with the other documents and applications.



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