Application for holding Championships :
The organizers who intend to hold the State/National or International Championships in any part of the country shall apply to the National Federation (BKI) before three months of the date of their Championships. They are also bound to satisfy the officials about their capability to hold the Championships. After granting permission to the organizers, the same will be published in the Budokan Update, an official Bulletin of BUDOKAN KARATE-DO INDIA

Kinds of Championships :
With the title of All India / International Championships will be permitted once in a year to the intending organizers on the basis of merit and ability. The State Championships will be permitted once in a year in a particular State to the intending organizers on the basis of merit and ability. Since India is a very big country, having a population of more than 100 Crores in a Geographic area of 32,87,782 square kilometer, apart from the State, National and International Championships to be held once in a year, some more championships are bound to be held according to the requirements of the Karate enthusiasts in the country. Hence the National Federation AIBKF has decided to accord permission to the organizers who intend to organize Championships with the title of Eastern India, Western India, Northern India and Southern India Championships once in a year. Besides this, the Memorial Championships in the name of Luminaries and in the name of National Festivals will also be permitted to the intending organizers on the basis of merit and ability. However, they are at liberty to invite any number of K.B.I. Members throughout the country.

Invitation to the Instructors and Participants:
The organizers, after receiving permission from the National Federation, should send their invitations for participation to the instructors and members at least 45 days before the commencement of the Championships so that sufficient time will be given to the instructors and the participants to take part in the Championships.

Eligibility to participate in the Championships:
The Championships will be opened to the life members of the B.K.I. in India and throughout the world. It will also be opened to other style karate enthusiasts who abide by the KBI Championship Rules. Those Instructors and members who had been expelled from the B.K.I.  will not be eligible to participate either as officials or competitors or in any manner whatsoever. They are not welcomed, as guests also.

Officials, Referees and Judges :
The organizers are authorized to make their own arrangements with the Officials, Referees, and Judges and competitors as to their boarding, lodging and transport etc. at their own discretion.

Date and Venue - No alteration permitted :
The Championships should be held at the place and date as permitted by the Authorities and as specified and declared in their Entry Form. The Organizers should not alter the date or change the venue of the championships.

The organizers have to pay Royalty to the National Federation i.e., BUDOKAN KARATE-DO INDIA well in advance in the following manner:
Rs. 5,000/- to National Federation in case of National / International / Eastern India / Western India / Southern India / Northern India Championships,

Rs.3,000/- in case of State Championships

Rs. 1000/- to the National Federation in case of the Championships held in the name of Luminaries / National Festivals.

Participation Certificate :
The organizers are bound to take the Certificate of Participation-cum-Merit from the Federation to uphold the discipline and to maintain the similarity throughout the country and abroad. The Certificate will be in four colors offset printing and the matter will be in two colors in Screen Printing. The organizers simply have to write the name of the participants and the events. All other details will be printed nicely. The cost of each certificate will be Rs.5/- only subject to revise the rates from time to time and the organizers have to take minimum 300 Certificates. The cost of the certificate is fixed purely on no profit no loss basis. Separate certificates for Participant Merit and Service are also available at the same cost.

Championships on organizers risk :
The Championships shall be organized at the own expense of the organizers. No claim whatsoever, shall be made from the Karate Budokan International or National Federation for any losses which the organizers may suffer as a result of the Championships. However they are entitled to all profits which may result from the Championships.

Confirmation on the Venue :
Soon after receiving the official permission to organize the championships the organiser (s) has to confirm the reservation of the venue (Stadium, Club, a spacious place) and the same has to be informed to the Budokan Karate-Do India

Seeking help from the service Organization:
The organizers may seek help from any service association or any manufacturers of reputed products for sponsorship and publicity since such tournaments require a lot of money and man power.

Security to the Officials and Participants :
The organiser(s) has to undertake utmost security measures for the Federation officials, referees, judges and all the participants in the place of venue, in particular and during their stay in the championship place in general.

Inspection of the venue :
The Organizers have to allow the Federation officials to inspect arrangements for the Championships one day before the commencement of the tournaments.

Police permission and Fire clearance :
Police permission and Fire Clearance Certificates from the concerned authorities for holding the championships have to be obtained well in advance.

Trophies and Medals :
Trophies, Cups, Medals and Shields shall bear the following inscription in bold letters: (Year)_______State/National/International Budokan Karate Open Championships (Place)____. The sponsor(s) name must always be in small letters. Any deviation of the guidelines may result in rejection of the awards.

Production of the Championship programmes to the National Federation:
A copy of the detailed programme of the Championships along with the list of participants (event-wise and class-wise) shall be handed over to the Federation officials well in advance, but in any case, not later than one day before the commencement of the Championships.

Entry Form and Publicity Materials :
A draft entry form and the publicity material shall be sent in advance for Federation's approval .

Issue of Sovenier :
If the organizers intend issuing a Sovenier on the occasion, they have to publish only such material and photos as are duly approved by the National Federation.

Availability of the Food stuffs at the venue :
The organizers have to arrange for a restaurant at the reasonable rate at / near the place of venue to enable the participants and the audience to have snacks, food packets, fruits, tea, coffee and cool drinks etc.

Medical facilities at Championships venue :
The organizers have to arrange doctors and paramedical staff along with the necessary medicines, ambulance car at the venue to meet with any emergency during the tournament.

The organizer's  should keep ready at the venue on their own the following material which require for holding Championships well in advance :

a) Stationery, Scoring Sheet, Identity Cards, Pens, Pencils, Pad, Tags, Pins, Gem Clip, Slates, Display Cards, Chalk Pieces, Duster, Whistles, etc.
b) Mittens (Red and White)
c) Belts and flags (Red & White)
d) Stop Watches (Sufficient numbers)

Submission of the Complete Championship report :
The organizers should send a detailed report of the Championship along with the list of the winners and photos to the National Federation for Publication.

Rules and Regulations of the Tournament in brief :
The Rules and Regulations for Karate Tournaments organized by Budokan Karate-Do India are to be followed. BKI Tournament Rules which are being amended wherever possible to fall in line with the latest World Karate Federation(WKF) Tournament Rules  which can be downloaded from this website at the link given below.  Where any of the regulations differ from that of the WKF Rules , the one followed by BKI shall prevail in the tournament.


Click here to download WKF championship Rules.

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