President Budokan Karate-Do India

Mr. C. Hanumantha Rao,
B.Com. (Osm.)

Master C. Hanumantha Rao was born on 1st July 1953, in a respectable family. He is a graduate in Commerce from Osmania University, Hyderabad and a 9th Degree Black Belt from Karate Budokan International, Malaysia. Mr. Rao had shown his keen interest in games and sports during his school education and started karate practice under the guidance of a renowned karate Master Renshi R.V.T. Mani. He adopted the Budokan Style of Karate in the year 1980. Grand Master Mr. Chew Choo Soot was kind enough to teach him advanced karate art and oriental weapons with keen interest within the country as well as in Malaysian headquarters. He traveled along with Grand Master Mr. Chew Choo Soot, to assist him to hold higher training camps at Malaysia, United Kingdom, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Singapore, and Thailand etc. several time. He is the founder and Chief Instructor of Rao's Budokan Karate Dojos having branches all over the country and abroad. Scores of students are being trained under the banner of Rao's Budokan Karate Dojos. Mr. Rao is the Chief Karate Instructor to the Andhra Pradesh Police Recruits and also Advisor of Unarmed Combat Course (UAC). The students trained under him are now working in the various security departments in our country. He is expert and having advanced knowledge in Katas and Oriental weapons. He participated in 1991 International Karate Open Championships at Penang, Malaysia and secured gold medal. Grand Master Mr. Chew Choo Soot after realising his overall contribution for the progress of Budokan Karate, honored him by appointing Grandmaster's Representative in India. He organized National and International Championships many times at various places within the country and abroad. He is one of the founder members of Budokan Karate Association of Andhra Pradesh and All India Budokan Karate Federation.

After the demise of our beloved Grand Master Chew Choo Soot, the task of supervising and furthering the objectives of KBI came on the AIBKF. Mr. Rao as the President of AIBKF, took the challenge and to further develop Budokan in India, travelled the lengths and breadths of the country. Due to his efforts, Budokan now is one of the largest karate styles in India and the AIBKF is the one of the largest federation in India, having its presence in almost all the states. He continued the tradition of organising the All India Karate Championship in different parts of the country every year, and now this tournament has become most popular event. He goes the Federation merged with KAI with a new name Budokan Karate-Do India. He is appointed as a Chairman of Sports Commission of KAI by Mr.Karate. R. Thiagarajan Dynamic President of KAI and Mr. Bharat Sharma General Secretary of KAI.  He continues to be the President of BKI and has plans for the development of Karate especially Budokan style throughout India.


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