From White Belt up to Black Belt (5th Dan)

With effect from 1st June 2009 the syllabus for the grading test to Kyu Grades and Dan Grades of A.I.B.K.F. has been revised as hereunder. This is done to keep the standard of Budokan members in par with highest International standard. Please note that the total kyu grades have been increased and the Belt colour order is also changed slightly. However, this will be applicable to only those members who join after 01-06-2009. The existing members will continue with the old belt grading system.

White Belt (4 months) 9th Kyu (Yellow Belt) Basic Blocks, punches, Horse Stance,  Forward Stance,  Front Kick,  basic sweep,  Kata Tai Kyo Ku Shodan,
Yellow Belt  -9th Kyu ( 4 months ) 8th Kyu (Orange Belt) All the above, plus Back stance, moving inner fore arm blocks in back stance, Side Kick, Back fist, Open hand strikes, Kata Tai Kyo Ku Sandan
Orange Belt -8th Kyu (4 months) 7th Kyu (Green Belt) All the above, plus Cat Stance, Knife Hand Blocks, Turning Kick, Turning slap,  Kata Heian Shodan.
Green Belt -7th Kyu ( 4 months ) 6th Kyu (Blue Belt) All the above, plus  Back kick backwards,  finger thrust, knuckle thrust, palm heel strikes,  Kata Heian Nidan
Blue Belt -6th Kyu (5 months) 5th Kyu (Purple Belt) All the above, plus Hook Kick, Inner & Outer Crescent Kicks, Front back kick, Kata Heian Sandan, Bunkai of katas.
Purple Belt -5th Kyu (5 months) 4th  Kyu (Brown Belt-IV) All the above, plus Spinning Kick,  Combination Kicks , Kata Heian Yonndan
Brown IV -4th Kyu(6 months) 3rd Kyu (Brown Belt III) All the above, plus Scissor jump kick, Kata Heian Godan, Nanchaku swings & movements
Brown III - 3rd Kyu ( 6 months) 2nd Kyu (Brown Belt II) All the above, plus Flying kick,  Kata Tekki Shodan & Basai Dai
Brown II - 2nd Kyu (8 months) 1st Kyu(Brown Belt I) All the above, plus Kata Tekki Nidan & Kanku Dai, Nanchaku Kata
Brown I - 1st Kyu (8 months) Shodan All the above, plus Kata Tekki Sandan & Jion
Shodan  (2 years) Nidan All the above, plus Kata Basai Sho & Kanku Sho + Single Sword Kata
Nidan ( 3 years) Sandan All the above, plus Kata Empi & Hangetsu + Stick Kata
Sandan ( 4 years) Yondan All the above, plus Kata Jitte , Jiin & Sochin + Double Sword Kata
Yondan ( 5 years) Godan All the above plus Kata Unsu , Gankaku, Goju Shiho Dai + Butterfly Sword Kata

Changes: The change in belt order is indicated in red colour. Higher katas are made compulsory for brown belt and black belts so that Budokan members can exhibit high standard in international kata competitions. Weapon katas are made compulsory to black belts so that the Orinetal Weapon katas of Budokan are introduced to all Budokan members.

Sparring : Free Sparring requirements are for promotion from 5th Kyu to 4th Kyu onwards. All basic movements and katas must be performed with precision and power. To be able to perform only the movements of the katas correctly, without the required standard and power, is not sufficient for promotion. In addition to his physical ability the character of the member and his behavior to other instructors and members are also taken into consideration.

Period of Time : A minimum of 4 months training is expected of a member between each promotion from the White Belt stage to the 6th Kyu, after which a five & Six monthly interval is required before he is tested for the Second Kyu. A minimum training period of Eight months is necessary from the 1st Kyu to the Black Belt Shodan. Two years of training is required from Shodan to Nidan, three years from Nidan to Sandan and four years from Sandan to Yondan, unless the member shows exceptional ability and power in his performance for promotion to the rank of a Godan a member must have at least Twenty years training in Karate Budokan International.

You can watch the basic katas in the following links to You Tube.

Katas performed by Miss Suhani Solomon

Kata Tai Kyo Ku Shodan

Kata Tai Kyo Ku Sandan

Kata Heian Shodan

Kata Heian Nidan


Kata Heian Sandan

Kata Heian Yondan

Kata Heian Godan


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